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A Salvaged Sunday


Thursday and Friday brought two days of crap dirt road rides on the Farley, and Saturday brought five hours at the shop followed by going to Ithaca to hang out for a couple of hours with friends at the 2015 8 Hours of Ithaca in the stifling heat that Ma Nature threw us. I was happy to have got out for rides on Thursday and Friday, but the were less than desirable. I was also OK with not racing Ithaca (that ship has sailed) and with not riding in the fresh turd like heat. However on Sunday I hoped to do SOMETHING of quality. Or at least as much quality as a 44-year-old man with an ever-expanding muffin top and a growing pork chop problem can muster.

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Mud Rambled & Rumbled


After Thursday’s failed ride on the Boone due to a broken spoke and the subsequent fat bike ramble to salvage the day, I just went ahead and planned on riding the fatty on Friday. This was a wise and a stupid decision.

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Best Made Plans


After working eleven hours at the shop on Wednesday and knowing that I had the next two days off, I had a plan for my Thursday: sleep in (8:45 AM) and get thirty to forty miles of fast dirt road riding in on the Boone before cutting grass, trimming some hedges, going for groceries, doing laundry and getting B off to his last night of soccer camp, after which he would leave to spend the night with some friends and teammates while I enjoyed some white trash Mexican food and a cocktail or three while watching pre-season footy.

Here is how that worked out…

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Bouncing Back Deflated


After a slow and rainy day in the bike shop on Tuesday, Wednesday brought brilliant sunshine, clear bright blue skies and perfect summertime temperatures. The sort of day that you wish you were out on your bike, instead of waiting on customers. Luckily I DID get to ride. Well, sort of.

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Yellow Card for Whining


Yesterday I whined about and mocked the rainy weather back in western PA. I also talked shit about how dry and sunny it’s been here in Michigan this summer. Well when you whine like that, and get too cocky, the referee of the cycling world–also known as Mother Nature– throws up a yellow card as a warning and to and let you know who’s in charge.

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Soggy & Hot


Last Thursday I headed back to western PA for a couple-ish days. I wasn’t all that keen to make a trip back right now, but with my dad recovering from a recent heart attack, I thought it was only proper to head home, check up on him, and pay a visit. It would also give me and my family a chance to catch up with some great friends that we haven’t seen in a while. I wish I could have seen a few others during my stay, but that will have to wait for later in the summer or fall.

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When Not Riding Bikes


After a great ride in the woods on Monday morning, Monday night brought some long overdue rain to mid-Michigan. The cool temperatures, dark clouds and knowledge that I had nowhere to be Tuesday morning made it real easy to sleep in and be no use to anyone. I like easy, so that’s what I did, and it felt damn good.

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Chasing And Catching


Going to do a bit of catch up here on the blog this digital fish wrap I call a blog. Bare with me, as I am condensing three days worth of crap into one big blog post that no one will should read. I will type some shit, I will post some pics, I will care little about either (and neither will you).

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