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A Blown Saturday Roll


I am pretty lucky in that, if nothing else, my current [real] joblessness affords me the ability to get out to ride on weekdays in between dad/husband duties and occasional freelance projects. While lucky, those rides can often be rushed or limited in length due to said responsibilities.  Soccer-free Saturday’s usually are a bit more relaxed and allow for longer rides. THIS Saturday was not one of those days.

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Deep Tracks (Again)


In many ways, the Thursday Ride Was much like the Wednesday ride; most of the roads were getting a fresh coat of deep, power sapping dirt and gravel. However there were a few things that made it different, yet still wildly uninteresting or blog worthy…

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Careful What You Wish For


In Monday’s post I commented about the amount and severity of the pot holes on the dirt roads north of town. In the back of my mind I was thinking that with the roads this bad, the county would surely be dumping some fresh dirt and doing some grading to the roads soon. I thought about how much better the 35c X’Plor USH tires would handle the roads when they were finished. What I didn’t count on was riding on the day they were actually dumping and grading that fresh dirt and gravel.

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I’ll Take It


The corn and the beans are all but gone, with just a few stragglers remaining here and there, but for the most part the dirt and gravel roads are now void of most everything that even thinks about growing from the soil. Having said that, you would never know that it was November 2nd in the middle of Rectal Fornication, Michigan because it was sunny and close to 70˚ degrees today. I wouldn’t call that normal, but I will sure as hell take it when I can get it!

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