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From Worse to Bad


I had planned on a ride at MMCC on the PrOcal on Friday, but in the end opted to put that off until Saturday, save some time by just heading out on the dirt roads for a couple of hours. The ride had a little bit of everything: sun, dusty roads, wet brined roads, sluggish deep dirt slogs, head winds, tail winds, and broke things.

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Piling Up


It seems if there’s one thing I know how to do well, it’s pile up junk miles. Rides with no purpose other than to burn off a few beer calories and take pictures. I won’t be setting any distance records, and I won’t be getting back into any of those jeans I have stored away just in case I ever shed those 3o extra pounds, but I am getting outside on my bike and scratching that time sucking, financially useless, creative itch that God cursed me with, so I guess that’s something.

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It Was a Ride


After Saturday’s flat/projectile valve core/short, make something out of nothing ride in the woods, the next two days were filled with me doing a variety of things that fell between doing nothing and everything (ish). That’s fine, an uneducated slacker needs to earn his keep somehow, right?

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Lemon Handed Saturday


I woke up Saturday morning in a mild panic, almost sure that this was the day that a trail race was taking place on the trails at MMCC and started making alternative ride plans. However a quick check of the web set my mind at ease, confirming it for next Saturday. With that good bit of news in my empty skull, I ate breakfast, drank coffee, dumped out, and headed up to MMCC listening to a new Spotify mix I made featuring several songs that years of music snobbery has taught me not to like, but that I often shamefully, secretly like (usually as I roll my shopping cart around the super market).

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Just Enough To Have Enough


I knew Thursday was going to be a busy day bookended by a 7th Grade “promotion” event at B’s school in the morning, soccer practice in the evening, and a scheduled MRI for me and back thrown in the middle. I had put the idea of a ride out of my mind, and just planned on getting some work done in between all of that. But, the day was too nice, and I am too slack, so I squeezed in a flat, quick (in theory), windy and slow (in reality), 21 mile loop from the house.

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