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Gal Pal Hikes

My reign as King of The Morons continues, as does some pretty sore ribs from where they collided with the ground and a series of tree roots last Friday when I tripped trail running lumbering. Because of that I have shunned riding, embraced a life of slack and headed into the woods with Wifey for some hiking and picture taking.

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I Am Your King

I shall henceforth be known as The King of The Morons, for my stupidity knows no boundaries, my idiocy no limits, and my moronicness remains supreme above all others. I am the absolute ruler of all things absurdly stupid. You, my fellow morons, shall address me as King or as Supreme Ruler. If you’re not a moron I encourage you to just step over me as I lie in the gutter slack-jawed with sick on my shirt. BUT ALL OTHERS SHALL BOW BEFORE ME AND ADDRESS ME SO!!

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Wet and Steamy

As mentioned in the previous post, we had some pretty heavy thunderstorms on Wednesday night into early Thursday morning. So with that, I assumed the dirt roads would be a mess and chose to hike around Hall’s Natural Area south-west of town in lieu of riding.

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