A Steady Whirlwind

The past few days were a steady whirlwind of driving, soccer, more driving, visiting family, and more driving. Finally around 2 PM Monday my world calmed down, and around 4 PM the first of many beers were cracked as I mentally decompressed from it all.

I probably had more beers than I should have, but with B finally off of school and no 6 AM wake up in my future I said “f*ck it” and enjoyed the hell out of a few DirtWolfs1. Despite those beers, I was still up reasonable early to coffee up, eat up, and finally rid myself of 48 hours of traveler’s constipation (T.M.I.?) before heading out for a quick ride north of town on the Boone.

The mid-morning sun was freaking HOT, but I refuse to bitch about it given the 10 months that I freeze my tits off and bitch about the rain, ice, snow, and brutally cold wind. I did notice that after four rideless days of traveling, poor food choices, and constipation, my fat boy sweat reeked of beer and spoiled baked ham. Oh well, I was by myself, so the only ones around to breath in the stench were the cows, and they’re not smelling so fine either!

The roads were dusty, the sun was warm, and riding into the north/east breeze actually felt good. It was nice to be home, back on the bike, and no real traveling in the near future. Between the DVT scare and the whirlwind traveling, my mind, nutrition, and riding were all over the place; I’m looking forward to getting back to riding routine and to back to eating better.


  1. DirtWolf by Victory Brewing is my current favorite double I.P.A. If you can get it, by all means do, it’s so choice.

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