Soiled History

I, “The Soiled Chamois,” am one time XXC Magazine & xxcmag.com [site now expired] publisher Jason Mahokey. I’ve been cycling and riding mountain bikes since the early 90′s, and spent a good ten years or more unsuccessfully competing in XC and XC endurance events.

In my racing I pretty much always suffered like a dog in an attempt to get a mid pack (at absolute best) finish (No talent? Fat? Lush? All of those?). I was the sort that slowed down during a race, not just to dry heave on the side of the trail, but also to soak in a view and remind myself of why I love riding my bike. But mostly it was to dry heave.

Back in 2005 v.1 of The Soiled Chamois was launched and was my journal about training for–and competing in–endurance mountain bike races up and down the east coast of the U.S (just what people needed, another suck, narcissistic bike racer who felt he needed to share his life with the world).

Between 2008 and 2013 I developed multiple DVTs (blood clots) in my legs for unknown reasons and I am now on blood thinners for life. With that my racing is now nonexistent. I still ride my bike, but now it’s at a slower pace with camera in hand, and beer in mind.

The Soiled Chamois v.3

Over the past 12 years the blog has moved from Blogger, to Tumblr, and now to a stand alone WordPress site. There is way less focus on bike racing and more focus on me goofing off riding my bike, taking pics, cooking food, or aimlessly walking around the woods. You might dig it, you might not. There will be no comments (you don’t have the time and I am pretty sure you will give two shits about what I say anyway, so why bother). There WILL be spelling and grammar errors. Don’t tell me about them, I KNOW I am an idiot. BUT if you take the time to email me or post about my errors you have even more time on your hands than I do. Having said that, if you have a question or comment feel free to contact me.

Soiled Wiki

Me (see above)

Wifey (my wife, the brains and bacon bringer of the family).

B-Man (my son Brennan, also known as B, Brenn, or the boy).

Jake The Dog (my snoring, farting, slobbering English Bulldog).

The Boone (my Trek Boone cross bike that never races cross).

The PrOcal (my Trek Proclaiber 9.8 SL. An amazing mountain bike that sadly doesn’t see too much singletrack anymore).

The Fatterson (my beat to shit Trek Farley fat bike that is in need of a makeover).

Cat 5 Cooking (I’ve always been the cook of the family, it’s also a hobby, and what keeps my waistline expanding).

Cul-De-Sac-Shack (our home)

Michiganderburgh (the mythical–made up–rural Michigan landscape in which I ride my bike through).

Final Notes:

Often my writing can be pretty crap, I apologize in advance for my shit spelling and grammar as well as my use of the word fuck.

Thank for looking.

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