At Long Last Again

After Sunday’s short, miserable windy ride, I had little desire to do anything but what was required of me as a father, husband, and human being on Monday. I did what I had to do, and got it over with… sort of like me in grades 1 through 12.

Of course, while doing all those things that I had to do, I looked ahead to Tuesday and pinned my hopes on getting the Boone out for a ride on more than pavement (#morethanpavement). Thankfully after two weeks of lackluster rides, or no riding at all, things came together and I didn’t feel like selling my bikes and taking up competitive slumber, or amateur key partying in lieu of cycling.

The morning was cool, and it felt more like a November morning than May, but the wind was minimal, and my legs finally felt like more than two cylindrical tubs of fat that help me move from one vile piece of life to the next (note to self: take medication)

I actually felt good on the bike, enjoyed the hyper active Red-winged Blackbirds (female seen above), the cows, the horses, and long stretches of crap pavement and Michigan dirt and gravel roads for a bit over 34 miles.

I also took a few minutes to get a little closer to one of my favorite abandoned structures on my ride. Usually this home is too obscured by foliage for a good photo, but today it was pretty perfect.

I’ve poked my head and camera in this house before, and knew there was not much to see, but that knowledge didn’t stop me from doing it again. Can’t help but think of the lives that once roamed those floorboards.

It seems that the weather should cooperate with more rides this week, which is awesome, because the weekend is going to be busy with B playing in his first tournament of the spring.

Time to get some stuff done, and watch our country fall further and further into chaos at the hands of a f*ck faced orange despot with the worst hair I’ve ever seen.


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