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Pops, Grunts, & Moans

For better or worse (probably worse) I tell the truth here. I don’t purport to be a better cyclist than I am, and I sure as hell don’t think I’m a better person the rest of you all (I’m pretty sure there are animals that are better humans than me). To some, this comes off as being a fat face malcontent, while others dig the vibe I set. I like that a few people read this shit, but in the end, it matters not. It’s here. It’s free.

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Geeking Out

Warning amateur photographer geekiness ahead!

This week has been a blur of sorts. More blur than riding, that’s for sure. One crap ride was squeezed in between storms and other duties. On Thursday I had about an hour and a half to spare, so I drove out to the Slyvan nature preserve to quickly test out some camera gear.

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More Failed Attempts

On Wednesday morning I failed yet again to motivate myself to ride. Part of that was due to my mental state; the other part was seeing that there was a giant cluster of heavy rain creeping towards central Michigan.

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Humid AF

After a weekend off the bike hiking/walking amongst the wet leaves and mushrooms of central Michigan, I took Columbo day off to… um… do stuff that wasn’t actually doing stuff before going to the MP varsity soccer match with B to take photos as requested by the team “Momager.” Happy to oblige.

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Dank II

The wet dank conditions continue to sit over the face of Michigan like a BBW film gone bad. It seems to rain almost every day, or all day, and everything is soaked all the time. In other words: perfect weather for sitting around the house drinking beer and watching soccer all day. 

While I did do plenty of that this weekend, I also got outside to hike around and take photos here and there just to keep the creative juices flowing through my big boned body.

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On Repeat

A ride of any worth continues to elude me, and I continue to be a big ol’ crank puss about it, and fill my outdoor me-time with short hikes in the woods taking photos of trees, dying vegetation, bugs and frogs.

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