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Stomp The Woods


I had two different, yet similar, plans for doing stuff Wednesday:

A. Drive north a bit and ride some trails that the Godfather informed me might be swell for fat biking. Take some pics.

B. Drive north a bit and snowshoe some trails that the Godfather informed me might be swell for fat biking–or might not be–depending on the snowfall and recent grooming efforts. Take some pics.

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Something, Anything


After three days in a row of decent riding, we here in Michigan were treated to two days and nights of rain, gray skies and gusting 30+ mile per hour winds. Needless to say there was no way I riding in that crap, but since I had to go out to run a series of errands late Friday afternoon, I took my camera and did some stomping around one of the county parks close by.

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Boots Not Bikes


When I woke up this morning at  6:05 and checked the weather while drinking my pre-dump cup of coffee, weatherdotfuckingcom said “35, rain, snow, wind.” Yeah, that sounds pretty crap to me. So I took a last gulp of java, headed upstairs, shat out that coffee fueled dump and sat upon the throne thinking of how to get my ass outside. It was obvious to me that a ride was NOT going to happen (’cause it would surely be anything but fun), so, I was gonna have to put one foot in front of the other and do a hike around Deerfield Park. Cuss everything all to hell! You can call it a hike, but it’s walking!! WALKING!! Ug!! What’s next, Shake Weights??

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Photo Practice


A month or so ago I took delivery of a used Fuji X100S camera that I bought off of eBay for less than half the cost of a new one. I had read a ton of good stuff about Fuji X Series and the X100S. So far, to me, it’s lived up to the hype. I love the size and styling of the camera, the ease of operation and of course the image quality. It’s smaller than my entry-level DSLR and for the most part allows me to produce better photos.

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Sick Man Walking II


Thursday was just like Wednesday, except that my short walk/hike was on different trails. Other than that everything was pretty much the same: still sick, still achey, still acting like a dick and being a forty-four year old baby because I’m sick with a head and chest cold. You know, typical douche-like me stuff.

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Sick Man Walking


Monday evening the illness that B-Man picked up while camping last week took over my body; I was less than thrilled. I slept about two hours Monday night as post-nasal drip ran down the back of my throat like a river of sludge. Good times, good times.

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Today felt like Monday in every way except the fact that it was Tuesday. Of course all of the things that went and felt wrong about the day were trivial in comparison to the fact that B-Man had to take a trip to the ER because he had a fever of nearly 102˚ this afternoon. That boy, he will never just let me complain and moan about my petty problems without making me look like the self-absorbed, slacker douche that we all know I am (or at least the way I come off like on this blog, on social media, on the phone and in person).

Thankfully the boy is fine, he just has a bit of a virus and the fever is coming down*. Great! Now we can turn the focus back to me and how the monsoon of a day ruined my ride plan but made my hiking plan.

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Doing What’s Necessary


Sometimes you get up and go for a bike ride. Sometimes you don’t. Today I did not, but I did stick to my almost daily plan of doing something outside and doing something creative by going for a quick three-mile hike in the woods in between bits of real life.

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In Hiding


I totally admit it, I hid from the wind today. The sun was out, the temps were perfect for sweating out some weekend calories and I said “forget about it,” and took off into the woods with Wifey to do a hike in lieu of a ride. Sue me.

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Time Wastin’ & Picture Takin’


A bird just chillin’ & wastin’ time (just like me).

Thursday’s ride was disappointing to say the least; the heat and relentless winds made the ride anything but fun. Thankfully I made up for a crap ride by catching up with some friends in town later that evening for Art Battle and some beverages.

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