Counting My Losses

After last Tuesday’s ride, the rest of the week was lost to illness and shit weather. Thursday night I finally got more than 2 hours of sleep, as a result I felt the best I had in days on Friday. Not “let’s go for a ride” good, but good enough to catch up on some adulting, then hang with B-Man and Jake (the dog) in the yard of the Cul-de-sac Shack, capturing some of the backyard nature that can be found around our home with my camera. Due to a complete lack of doing anything, all of today’s images are from that afternoon of backyard slack.

Other than a super brief foray onto the Dreadmill® on Thursday, I have done nothing. And I MEAN nothing! Even when Saturday presented a pretty sweet day of sun and blue sky, my body was still saying no to a ride or anything else that might require me to break a sweat. I was content with going to B’s footy match that morning, and then chilling out until Wifey and I went out for a short date that evening.

By Saturday evening the sun was gone, and rain had moved in. A rain that would only intensify over the next 24 hours and have B flirting with hypothermia after his match on Sunday. It seems if you combine a kid with roughly 1% body fat,  with 40˚ temps and a relentless driving rain, it doesn’t mix well. At one point late in the match the ref told B to tie his shoes, to which pointed out that he would, but he couldn’t feel his fingers.

As I type this Monday morning, it continues to rain, and I’m pretty sure there are flood warnings for every body of water in Michigan. I have to admit I don’t care that it’s raining; I’m still occasionally coughing things up that look like spoiled cottage cheese, and blowing things out that look like sheep placenta. I might get on the Dreadmill® later to try to get a sweat on, but if not… f*ck it.

This week doesn’t look much better for riding: it’s storming today, and I’ll be out of town on Tuesday and most of Wednesday. As happy as I was to see I was down 12.8 pounds last week, I fear by the time I get to ride again I’ll have gained most of that weight back, and will have lost all that fitness I built up over the past three months.

Probably won’t be posting much this week (you’re welcome), hope to get back to my crap cycling life later this week.


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