Dealing With The Lion

March has come in like the expected lion, but more like a sad, fey, depressed lion that isn’t all that dangerous due to his lethargy and lack of motivation to kill. Still, it’s a lion and not to be f*cked with it.

This March lion has been void of any substantial snow fall, but has included plenty of general winter malaise: dark clouds, crap snow, cold rain, and as of today–super high winds that make the prospect of road riding not only unappealing, but dangerous and stupid. The bright side is that the 40+ MPH winds should dry out the dirt roads. So at least when the temps drop down to the 20s in a couple of days, the dirt roads will be dry… or frozen solid.

Also as expected (continuing with the glass half empty theme), March has brought a lack of outdoor riding. So far this month I’ve managed to get outside to ride only once, and that didn’t happen until yesterday. The rest has been filled with Dreadmill® running and Drainer® riding, as well as hiking around in the snowy woods taking photos at Saturday’s Beard of Zeus race in TC. Yes, real snow… we have none here in mid-Michigan, but Traverse City had plenty just an hour and a half north.

Taking race photos was fun, but a challenge. As a growing photographer, who is learning every day, I never realized how hard shooting in bright sunshine and snow could be! Not sure I’ve ever shot at 100 ISO before. Insult to injury, I somehow hit the White Balance button on my D7100 in the midst of lowering the ISO and unbeknownst to me I shot with it set for fluorescent lighting for the first 10 or 15 minutes of the race. F*CK! Had to do more than a bit of fiddling in Lightroom to try to save them.

Eventually I got in the rhythm and got a few quality shots, enough that I’ve put them up on a SmugMug page for sale for anyone that might be interested in purchasing one (or twenty). Thanks in advance.

I got a later than usual start for Monday’s ride due to some work-ish stuff, and the fact that B was home from school recovering from Sunday’s day ruining, pre-soccer practice, yoga ball sumo wrestling concussion (don’t ask, just know he’s fine). Knowing it wouldn’t be that long (26.5 miles), and all of it would be on pavement, more than a part of me wanted to skip the ride. But the temps were nice, and I knew full well that Monday might be the only day for outside riding this week without a return trip north to the snow with the Fatterson.

As I sit here typing with a Chik Patty burger digesting in my stomach, still damp from my treadmill and weight workout, the wind is blowing like a freight train outside. Sucks, because other than the wind the sun is out, the sky is blue, and temps are mild. Cuss you March…. cuss you to hell!

One good thing about the ride is that I utilized a low traffic paved road that I haven’t been on that many times before; it helped avoid my other westward options that are either a bit dangerous for my liking, or currently pot hole filled mud bog dirt roads. As a bonus I saw a few new photo ops. Sadly I was riding with a the 18/55 lens, and to really get the shot I want I’ll need my 200mm lens. From the looks of the subjects, they’re not going anywhere soon, so I’m sure I’ll have another chance.


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