Over the past few months I have started to add galleries to each post so as not to have a million photos loading for each crap post I write. I thought I might try this page out which will feature all the galleries used in the posts without sifting through the alphabet soup I call a blog post. Click on the pic to enlarge and navigate (best done on a desktop or tablet). You can also follow me on Instagram @thesoiledchamois. Thanks for looking.

Random Post Photos I

Going South

Bundy and Dirt Again


Tuesday Steamer

Steamed Ham

Two Rides and a Hike

Morning Walk

A Monday Hike

Weekend Stuff


Wednesday North

Ride and Sylvan

Dirt and Sylvan

Halls and Bundy With Wifey

Halls Lake Steamy

The Heat Ride

Bumpy Dirt

Bundy  II

Neithercut Hike

Audubon II

Tuesday Sylvan

Monday Deep Dirt

Sylvan Solace

Halls Lake II

Wednesday Spring Hike

Thursday New Roads


Friday & Sunday


April Fools

Weekend Slack

Wednesday Ride

Bundy Hill Hike

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