Hanging On

As you may have read here, or in other Soiled media outlets, I hurt my back last Friday after pushing a bit too hard on the indoor trainer—yes, I’m that much of a putz, thank you—and have been crookedly walking around in discomfort since. That pain, along with cold, wet and windy weather, has my mood matching the early evening darkness.

With that said, things are getting better. Today (Wednesday) I woke up with my back feeling a lot better. Not great, but better. Given that the morning is when it’s at its worst, I’ll take that and try to see that as progress.

Thankfully (I guess), pedaling does not bother my back too much, so I’ve been able to get some low-key indoor rides in over the past few days. I’ve also forced myself to walk in the woods a few times to be outside and soak in the ever-dying late fall woods. Sadly, I counteracted those rides and walks by drinking way too much beer in the evenings to kill the pain in my lower back and ease my battle with the black dog which has become a bit more aggressive in recent weeks.

The weather is pretty shit, but I’m hoping to continue getting outside for some hikes with my camera in between indoor rides as my back improves. If that happens my mind should improve as well.


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