I Used To Go Outside

That title is misleading. Sorry.

It’s been four days since I did an outdoor activity, it seems I will now only do a physical activity if the temp is 69˚ and there is wall to wall carpeting beneath me. That’s not really true, but it’s been true the past few days.

Monday: 3+ mile snowshoe at MMCC. Broke new trail, got a sweat on and I was outside. Yeah.

Tuesday: 55 minutes riding the trainer. The cracked saddle on my road bike cracked a bit more, which resulted in some unwanted flex toward the end of the ride and chafed my wiener. Good thing I keep a supply of wiener lubricants in stock for just such an occasion. Well, that and a couple other reasons. I digress.

Wednesday: 40 minutes of treadmill work. 5 minutes of warm-up followed by 30 minutes of high intensity sprinting. Nearly hit 170 BPM at one point. Not sure I’ve EVER hit 170 BPM riding the trainer. Ended with a bit over 3 miles including warm up and cool down.

Thursday: Wanted to go pick up the Fatterson at Terry’s and maybe get a ride in on Sally’s Trail but I got caught up in finally getting the new website live, some other duties, and decided to just hit the treadmill again for another 40 minutes of HIT work. Once again finished with a little over 3 miles and some sore legs.

Friday: School was canceled due to -20 wind chills so I got up as usual, made sure coffee and breakfast were available for Wifey and then went back to bed. I planned on another hour, it ended up being nearly two. Shit.

I have an appointment at 2 PM, so getting down to fetch the Fatterson AND ride isn’t going to happen (not to mention that -20 windchill factor), but I plan on at least picking up the bike and hopefully riding Sally’s Trail or driving up Snowsnake, or to the Cadillac Pathway, over the weekend. Time and weather will tell.

As for now, I am heading to the Not So Stankment to walk on the treadmill. Yes, WALK. My legs are sore from 6+ miles of sprint intervals in 2 days and I’ve yet to replace that cracked saddle on my trainer bike. I wonder what I did with my Shake Weights®?

POST WALK EDIT: OK, the “walk” didn’t really happen. Well, it happened, it just sucked so I walked a mile, said “fuck it, we’re all gonna die soon via a tiny orange dick swinging nuclear holocaust,” climbed off and headed to start my day proper.

Time to fetch the Fatterson and plan a weekend.


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