Making Do


In attempts to get my head out of what Wifey so often refers to as The Bell Jar, I forced myself to dawn six layers of gear and go for a ride at Mid today. The result? Well, it was nice to get outside and out of the gym and basement, but the conditions were not all that ideal. It still helped a bit though.

I was looking to get some bike time in but not be out on the exposed roads with temperatures hovering in the high teens. So I headed to MMCC in hopes that the trails were clear. Well, the photo above is one of the very few sections that were void of crunchy snow and slick rutted hard packed snow. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. Still, I would hardly call it fun, but it was a hell of a lot better than the trainer or gym. OK, PARTS may have been better than the trainer but others would have a hard time competing with the views I often get of super fit women working out at the gym. I’m joking of course (that last part I am contracted by law to type due to being married to someone that I know spends her morning reading the blog to make sure I am not being too stupid. Sadly she is often disappointed).


In the end, I didn’t ride too long. My ass was too puckered and worried about ice to relax and it was cold as tits. But I guess it was a small mental victory in getting outside.

Upon completion of an shortened abbreviated loop that I cut short, I had some pretty good mental mojo going. Then we went tree shopping…

The tree is fine, the tree stand is fucked. $20 for a crap stand and now Wifey is out looking for another one. We have had a fake tree for the last 8 years. I wanted to make it 9. But noooo…. God I hate the holidays. Actually I think I hate ME. The holidays are probably just fine.


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