Monday Quickie

I’m pretty sure I rode my bike last Thursday; yeah, yeah, that seems right. My ass was scared and bloody and then I spent three days driving to various points around Michigan to watch B-Man play footy whilst hoping the crusty scars on my ass didn’t open and bleed through my pants.

After three days off the bike, I FINALLY got out for a couple hours today. Sadly, it got off to a rocky start…

1. I couldn’t find the one jersey that still fits me. I proceeded to look around the house for 20 minutes until I finally found it under a mound of dirty laundry still covered with nasal ejaculate and smelling like a combination of feet, armpit and ass; I wore it anyway.

2. Then I couldn’t find my bike computer. I searched my bike box, the garage, the car, the naughty box in our bedroom closet, and the countertop about 50 times; It was on the countertop.

3. Finally I was on my way. I made it about a half mile down the road, looked down and realized that I forgot my water bottles. SHIT!

After all that, I was finally on my way, pedaling northward from the Cul-de-Sac Shack.

The delayed start combined with needing to catch up on all the stuff that I failed to do over the busy soccer filled weekend, meant that there wouldn’t be time for exploring any new to me roads like I did on my last ride, but there was still time for getting in about 27 miles of dirt roads, snapping a few pics here and there, and enjoying some time on the bike after three days of being confined to car hurtling around Michigan at 75 miles per hour.

Spring is finally here and I am looking forward to riding more. Sadly, my yard is looking forward to me cleaning it up, mowing it, and making it look like it’s not owned by a dirtbag like me. So, riding will happen when it happens.


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