Pre-Rain Dirtishness


This week is B-Man’s Spring Break. Sadly, it hasn’t been all that spring-like, nor are we “spring-breaking” anywhere due to fact we’re buying a house in fifteen days’ time and moving in eighteen. However all is not lost, because B has been enjoying sleeping in and goofing off, and he did go on a fun day trip with Wifey and some of his friends yesterday.

I am also enjoying the “vacation” getting up at 6 AM and all that fun stuff. It’s also nice to push my ride time back a bit so that I’m not freezing my tits off quite so much.

“Who goes on vacation without a job? What do you need, a break from getting up at eleven?”
– Jerry Seinfeld, Episode 32, The Suicide


I headed out with the Boone yesterday for thirty–mostly dirt road–miles before the rain moved in. My hip was slightly better, but still cause for some concern. Painful stretching, cussing, self loathing, drinking, and foam rolling will continue until further notice.


I’ve been pretty relaxed with the Fit to Fat & Back rules concerning adult beverages over the past week, but plan to get back into my normal routine come Monday. Even after finally buying batteries for the scale, I have still yet to install them, or weigh myself. Probably a good thing right now.


As I pedaled down one long stretch of dirt farm road yesterday I saw a group of five or six kids between the ages of four and twelve or so riding BMX and crap mountain bikes, I thought it would have made a great photo, but then thought better of it; forty-four year old men, squeezed into tight lycra, might be looked at with a parental hairy eyeball if seen photographing children along the road. I probably think too much, but I also know that there’s a LOT of gun owners out there along the dirt roads and I didn’t want ANY misunderstandings about why I had a camera out. Sad to think that way, but I like my ass without any shotgun caps popped in it. Instead I just stopped and shamed them for not having a legit “gravel” bike and then moved on.

Despite being a vacation week I got a crap-ton of work done on the site I’ve built for the soccer club and it’s pretty much live right now. I have a few more things to do, but for the most part it’s done. While it’s based on the super customizable Woo Canvas theme (as is this site and, there were a lot of things that I had NO idea how I was going to do it (like the schedules). I used to totally fear stand alone WordPress, or any sort of web design, but now I find myself enjoying it. I’m no coder, or HTML wiz, but I can get it done, mostly due to Googling answers and great WP plugins. Sadly, my web design services have always been volunteer, but I appreciate the learning opportunity, and am hopeful that someday it will pay off.

Pissing down a cold rain today, so going to spend the day packing.



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