Slightly Off


After what I would consider a good(ish) week of early March riding last week, this week has gotten off on the wrong pedal stroke and has felt slightly off. Monday greeted me with what some might call “a bout of irritable bowel.” I tend to be a bit more colorful and descriptive (at least when talking to Wifey) but I’ll just leave it at that for now and say that I’m not sure what’s up with my guts? OR what’s coming out of them!

OK, I’ll talk a little more about poop, why not, no one’s reading…

For my rides of 20 to 40 road miles in cooler temps I usually just roll with water. However on Sunday I added some liquid nutrition since I was basically going to be riding through lunch. It had been a long, long, LONG time since I dipped into my stash of liquid nutrition* and it appears that it may have been a couple of months past its use by date. Not sure there’s too much in it that could really spoil, but my gut has not been the same since Sunday. Good thing I stocked up on that clean ripple, Cottonelle or I’d be feeling like a much-loved prison bitch right now.


With all that said, I missed out on riding Monday when it hit nearly 65 degrees here, and this morning I woke up to what I thought was a freight train derailing and slamming into our house. It turns out it was just the sound of a cold front moving in and dropping temps into the high thirties and bringing gusting 25+ mph winds with it. While those temps weren’t horrific, I was hardly in the mood to deal with the one-two punch (with added crotch kick) that is navigating drunk St. Patrick’s Day revelers on the streets (in a college town parties can start by 8 AM), cold, high winds and the fear of giving my chamois a Hershey Kiss and literally soiling it.

So, a ride on the trainer was in order where I got to spin and listen to the much-anticipated new Modest Mouse album. I wasn’t crazy about resorting to the trainer but it was nice to sweat while listening to the album uninterrupted. Love me some Mouse!

Not the greatest starts to a week, but not the worst either. Hopefully I can get out for ride at some point tomorrow and not have to think about taking a roll of my cherished clean ripple.


*NOTE: I didn’t mention the actual product that I used because I didn’t want to give it any unneeded Google hits for it giving people the shits. I may just have a stomach bug or have been eating too much raw bacon again. No need to draw attention to a product when it was my fault.


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