Stomp The Woods


I had two different, yet similar, plans for doing stuff Wednesday:

A. Drive north a bit and ride some trails that the Godfather informed me might be swell for fat biking. Take some pics.

B. Drive north a bit and snowshoe some trails that the Godfather informed me might be swell for fat biking–or might not be–depending on the snowfall and recent grooming efforts. Take some pics.

Due to a few extra inches of fresh snow on top of a little used, and yet to be groomed, trail, Plan B it was. I tried to ride the trail but it was just too slow and too much work to be much fun. I think I was going 3 MPH on a false flat. Knowing that I can walk faster than that, I turned around, swapped the Fatterson and my Lakes for snowshoes and hiking boots and headed back into the woods for a 4.5 mile trudge over rolling trails through the Michigan woods.


The state-owned trails were great, with plenty of room to avoid the classic ski tracks, yet narrow enough, and groomed so little, that skate skiing could not be done. Thus making them a prime option for other wintertime trail uses (fatties and shoes).

Snowshoeing literally wasn’t my first choice activity, but when you’re out in the snowy woods with nothing but the sounds of the wind through the pines and the crunch of your feet stomping over deep snow it’s hard to be too disappointed.

Plan A is always good winter fun but Plan B is pretty swell too.

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