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Beer Me: Founders Black IPA


Founders Brewing Inspired Artist Black IPA
7.5% ABV
88 IBUs (eighty-fucking-eight)

Sure, it was a only a four day work week here in the U.S., but it’s STILL Friday, so BEER ME BITCHES!

You HAVE to be on the lookout for this beer. Excellent in every way. I really can’t find a fault with this beverage (other than I only bought a six pack and it’s only available for a limited time). On top of being a great beer from a great brewery that supports many a mountain bike race (see Lumberjack 100, The Barry-Roubaix, etc.,), proceeds from the sale of Inspired Artist Black IPA goes to ArtPrize and I am totally down with that.

Founders says it’s only available to we Michigander-burgher-ite type, so sorry rest of world, you are really missing out on a damn fine beverage. I would NOT be surprised if this got into the standard rotation for Founders in the future. Maybe it won’t, be they would be mad not to. Go black and don’t go back.

More information can be found at foundersbrewing.com.


Sleeping In

Last night I went out to watch the Tigers game at The Tap Room with a couple of friends of mine. When I returned a few Wit Dreams later I proclaimed to Jake The Dog that”I am so f*cking sleeping in tomorrow! Yep, gonna sleep late, spend the day watching DVRed football matches and maybe go fishing.” Jake didn’t care, but I was stoked at the prospect of lying around like a big, ever fattening, piece of human apathy.

8:27 a.m… I’m up.

Come Tuesday I will surely give my left nut to sleep ’till 8:27 a.m., but that is not really what I had in mind for today. The next thing I knew I was guzzling coffee and watching Man U go down to Liverpool 1-0. As I ate I started to think about doing a workout, maybe do some walking/jogging/running/hating man kind on the treadmill or something while I watched Spurs vs. Arsenal.


Somehow that workout turned into me on the gravel roads with my bike, the barns and the corn. So much for today being a lazy Sunday of sleeping in and watching soccer football. Too bad I didn’t make it fishing… oh well, maybe tomorrow.

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