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It Lives, I Lived


As I mentioned in my last post, based on recent back issues and the realization that fitness and any sort or racing wasn’t going to happen this year, I had made the not-so-executive decision to sell my five month old Trek Procaliber hardtail. It was boxed and ready to ship when the bike gods intervened and the buyer decided–probably wisely so–to go with his LBS to make sure he got full warranty coverage. I in turn took this as some sort of miracle from above and proceeded to unbox the bike and build it back up.
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One of The Best

Soiled Chamois file photo.

Soiled Chamois file photo.

Thursday was a day of nothing but house duties and workish stuff. I could have squeezed a ride in, but that wouldn’t be proper for someone like myself who seemingly strives to be as crap as possible. What I WAS able to do though was catch up with a few friends last night and plan a Friday ride at MMCC with my friend Ryan. I’m sure glad he had the day off and wanted to ride, because on this gray, windy Friday all I wanted to do was climb under the covers with my favorite bulldog and take a day long sad nap.

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Not The Plan, But A Plan


I had a few plans locked and loaded for my “Friday of Solitude” while Wifey and B are in Pennsylvania:

  1. Ride some North Country Trail.
  2. Do the 35+ mile course of the 2012(?) Barry-Roubaix that started from Gun Lake.
  3. Ride some sandy snow mobile trails up north on the Fatterson.

Not one of those things happened. I ended up on the trails surrounding MMCC again for 15 to 16 miles of autumn leaf surfing. Obviously this was NOT one of my plans for the day, but when I rolled out of bed, it seems I rolled out on the wrong side and stepped in a huge, steaming pile of funk. And not the good, badass kind. So, it was sort of a miracle that I got out at all.

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The Best Yet


As I mentioned in a post not long ago, I’ve had a ton of great rides this season, but sadly most of them were done on the Boone cross bike or on the Farley fatty. In fact I’ve done over 225 rides since January 1st and only 17 of them were on singletrack and on my actual mountain bike. Well, ride 18 was worth the wait.

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Remembering Why I Love It


With Brennan off on a camping trip with his school as of this morning and Wifey out-of-town on business again until late Thursday night, I pretty much had nothing to do today. So, after I got B off to school/camping, ate breakfast, drank 62.3 ounces of coffee, dumped out two to eight times and came to mental grips with the fact that I indeed had nothing to do, I decided to head down to ride some of the North Country Trail.

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I Was Due


I hadn’t been on my “real” mountain bike for about three weeks due to a broken shock lockout and all the logistics that go into having a broken shock lockout, getting the part ordered, receiving the wrong part, getting the right part ordered and having it installed. But today, FINALLY, I was back on the Superfly for a ride on the trails at Mid Michigan Community College.

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Unworthy Activities


The past few days have been pretty un-blog worthy (much like the past ten years), so I felt it best to write nothing at all (until now). During that time of unworthiness, I did all my normal summer activities: rode my bike, did some fishing, grilled meat, took some photos and drank a few beers.

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