Thanks February

I feel like I need to say a big thank you to February. THANK YOU!

You see my winter riding goal is usually to get out at least once a week, braving the cold, snow and ice on the Fatterson with studded tires. The rides are usually no longer than 20-25 miles, I’m cold and miserable for most of the ride, and I swear that I’ll never do it again as I mentally plan my “let’s move someplace warm” sales pitch to Wifey. The rest of the time I hole up in the basement on the Drainer® or the Dreadmill® and pray that I’ll miraculously find fitness, despite not riding and drinking too much beer. Even back when I gave a shit about racing (that seems like a long time ago) I didn’t venture out too often in January and February. I would go to the gym, strength train, ride the trainer and use the StairMaster for hours on end.

January was a wash for riding outside due to the lack of snow for fat biking, and an excess of freezing rain, slush, and ice. Because of that I only made it out 3 times the entire month. Thankfully February was much kinder and I logged over 285 miles. Those aren’t huge numbers for give a shit bike racer types, but I’m not to be confused with those types.

I thought my month of riding might be over after Thursday’s 40 miler, since on Friday we were treated to a day of multiple thunderstorms, high wind, and even hail. Saturday was also crap, so that left me with Sunday and Monday to try to get rides in (note that the weather is forecasted to be crap on Tuesday, plus I have an appointment in the middle of the day).

I woke up on Sunday to bright sun and the prospect of 40˚ temps. Sadly the temps never go out of the 30s, and the wind was gusting over 20 MPH. By the time I got home from B’s soccer practice in the afternoon it was even blowing some snow around. The last thing I felt like doing was freezing my tits off riding into a 20 MPH wind. So I ran intervals on the Dreadmill® before making a huge pot of chili, watching DVRed footy, and drinking a few Two Hearted Ales.

I had a bunch of stuff to do Monday morning, but snuck out for a Better Than The Trainer Ride™ in the early afternoon. It was a bit cool, but the sun was out and the wind was tolerable.

Today’s ride pushed me over 287 miles for the month. So once again I say thank you to February. Thanks for making me briefly give a shit. Not about racing my bike or anything like that, but giving a shit about riding my bike, getting some fitness back, and snapping some pics.

Side Note: Have I mentioned that I’ve sort of become addicted to tuna patty sandwiches? Well, I have. The black bean burger is out, the tuna patty is in. Pretty sure in the past week I’ve ingested way more tuna than a person should. I expect illness and death at any time now. F*ck it, it was worth it! I have no doubt I’ll waste time blathering about it on a Cat 5 Cooking page soon.


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