That Meadow


It’s set to piss down rain all day today in Michiganderburgh, so I headed to the basement this morning and dug up a disc of film scans from a 2002 trip to Crested Butte, Colorado. The shot above is another (better) view of the mountain meadow I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

I could seriously look through the photos all day. That area–and much of Colorado in general–really is heaven on earth to me. No wonder Wifey and I found our way out there about five summers straight.

Here are a few other photos that I dug:


The pic above is Snodgrass Trail. Not sure if it still is, but this trail is sometimes closed to the public due to cattle grazing. Out of the three times I was in CB I think I was only able to ride it once or twice. I found a video on YouTube by, you’ll see this part of the trail at about the 2:14 mark. Fun stuff!


As a vacationing lowlander, I always found ample opportunities to stop and take photos. Starting elevation is over 9,000 feet and trails like 401 top out at well over 11,000, so the air is a tad hard to come by. I think I took a deep breath just typing that last bit.

I always had a blast riding in CB, even with the elevation. I can’t imagine racing at those altitudes, but to go and ride it was fine, I just took my time and tried to enjoy the experience of riding my bike in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

All photos by me, taken in Crested Butte, Colorado in the summer of 2002. TWELVE FREAKING YEARS AGO!! Christ, I’m old.

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