The In Between

It was nearly a full week since I last rode my bike. The break was not planned, nor was it enjoyed. It was five days of rain, high winds, cool November-like temps, a busy travel soccer schedule with B, and a nice bout of “who gives a f*ck?” ennui. However, per usual, just when I thought that I might never actually ride my bike again, I found myself rolling out from the cul-de-sac onto the roads of rural Michigan.

I don’t always have an answer for why I feel a certain way (much to Wifey’s chagrin), I just sometimes get in a funk. It’s not depression (the medicine helps that) but it is a little bit of “fuck it.”

Robin keeping watch outside the garage as I departed.

Sure, November weather in May is not something that makes me happy, but it’s something that I am this close to getting used to as a resident of the mitten state for nearly seven years. I was less than pleased that weather and a busy schedule took me away from near daily rides, and slowed my weight loss and improving fitness, but all in all things were/are good!

Emo cow off alone from the others in green field.

Still, I wasn’t riding, and I wasn’t doing much of anything else! My winter/early spring runs now seem stupid after riding so much, and my annual flirtation with strength training is all but done until winter; I feel like I could toss my pecs over my shoulders like golf balls ensconced in tube socks. No riding, no picture taking, no blogging, no nothing makes me a big ol’ crank-puss. Thankfully that ended on Tuesday with a quick, but all too needed 27 mile ride.

Farm cat in the dandelions.

It felt great to be outside getting a sweat on from doing more than bending over to tie my shoes, and even better to be on the bike. Rain earlier in the morning had the dirt roads nice and tacky, and the wind was kinder than it’s been in days. This all made for some mood improvements.

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that I am starting to get hungry for some mountain bike miles… on actual singletrack. I realized that I have not been on singletrack since August of 2016. Last summer was filled with hip pain, back pain, physical therapy, the chiropractor, and no mountain biking without pain or discomfort. Right now my hip is way better, and my back only bothers me now and then, but I am hesitant to get back on the trails for fear they both come back in a vengeance and ruin the tolerable dirt road riding I do. Hmm….


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