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Vintage Velo Hipsters & Beer?


I was almost positive that this photo was the result of bike riding hipsters circa 1922. I assumed after some singlespeed, fixed gear, alley cat, bike polo type event they stacked their bikes outside a [insert hipster bike city of your choice here] dive bar while they were inside forcing down PBR oil cans. Turns out it was merely the result of every day folks who rode their bikes to the Palace Theatre in Cairns, Queensland, Australia (according the Internet). So disappointed.

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The Trail


I ride my “home trail” over and over again. Backwards and forwards in every season of the year. I ride it, race it, run it and hike it. Hell, I’ve even snowshoed and skied on it.

The trail might not be the best trail in the world; there’s not all that much climbing, not that much descending, it can beat you up with sections of embedded rock and lumpy “newness” and there are days when it’s the last trail I feel like riding. Yet I still think it’s a pretty awesome stretch of dirt.

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Don’t Say “It’s Fun To Ride”


Not that I couldn’t have used a fatty on yesterday’s sand-fest of a ride, but why does every review of a fat bike or a 29+ bike such as the Surly Krampus have to use the phrase “it’s just fun to ride” in the review? To me, it just seems like they’re saying the bike is a slow and heavy tank without offending the bike’s manufacturer and threatening ad revenue. Then again, at least they’re not saying it’s “flickable.” Continue Reading →

Sandy Cheeks


Two days (or was it four??) of being ride blocked had me jonesing to get in the saddle. Having said that, for some reason, I had little desire to ride local gravel or roads. Even thoughts of riding my local(ish) singletrack loop left me sighing under my breath for some reason. Hmm… How ’bout a quick drive north and roll some snowmobile trails and seasonal ORV roads? Sure, why not…

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A Sign From The Carb Gods….

Tuesday was a ride banked on a better Wednesday ride. Wednesday sucked due to a supposed storm that never showed up and thoughts of a better THURSDAY ride now crept in my skull.

Enter Thursday– I got kitted up, filled my bottles, lubed the chain and set off.  Just 5 miles down the road I started moving in sloooww…. moshheeeeee-onnn….


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Lack of Commitment

Yesterday’s short gravel ride was done in the hopes of doing a longer ride in cooler temps and less wind today. I got both, so a 41 mile road ride was planned. There were some storms in the forecast, but thus far the radar had looked clear. Let’s go!

Of course, I’ve been fooled by the weather radar before… and it appeared that it was about to happen again.


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Worldless Riding


Tuesday morning meant it was time for another edition of The Tuesday Morning Anti Worlds– an easy, meaningless, non competitive, non group ride on dirt roads and farm roads that doesn’t really have to be on Tuesday but since today was Tuesday it’s the TUESDAY Morning blah, blah, blah…

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