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Yesterday (on the road for 41 miles), and today on the trail, was all about the scale. No, not the scale that tells me that I’ve gained 40 pounds since 2005 when I started this blog, fancied myself an endurance mountain bike racer who eventually realized he just likes to ride his bike on trails, gravel and roads, drink beer, eat good food and sometimes race, but the pain scale. I have to say, that even though I don’t like pain, I like this scale way more than that fucking, lying piece of shit in my bathroom… Forty pounds my ass!

This week has been made up of the following: riding, bitching, moaning, hate, expanding my liver, stretching, core work, ice therapy (to that area that makes up the gulf betweenst my two giant love handles) and adjustments to my riding position. Right now, things are going pretty darn, not bad. In fact, today I completed my normal 16 mile loop and on a pain scale of 1 to 10 I think it was merely a 4… maybe even a 3. Woot!

To go back a smidge, I got out yesterday on the road bike. I felt like shit… I felt great… I felt like shit… I felt great. Grrrr…


While I didn’t feel great over the entire 41 miles of crap Michigan roads, I felt well enough that I didn’t want to sell all my bikes and take up drinking and masturbation as my “go-to” hobbies (they will remain in the 2 and 3 slots).

And I as I said above, today’s slow/quick lap felt pretty OK… ish.

Later…. I have a couple other hobbies to take care of.



I finally got around to watching the round 3 XCO action from Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic on Red Bull TV. Always a great watch. The women’s race was utterly and completely dominated by Pauline Ferrand Prevot (Liv Pro XC Team) who won the race by nearly three minutes over Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team), who seems to have recovered quite nicely from an early April collarbone break.

In other dominating news… Nino Schurter (Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team) returned to the XCO circuit (for now) after recently completing the Tour de Romandie with the Orica-GreenEdge team and appeared to be in fine form.


In the end Schurter won by just just eight seconds over Stéphane Tempier (BH-Suntour-KMC) but held the lead for nearly the entire race and at times looked as if he would pull away and take the win in the same way as Pauline Ferrand Prevot had done in the women’s race earlier. 

The UCI XCO series now moves to Albstadt, Germany this weekend so it should be another fine week evenings spent watching some awesome race action.

Photos via the UCI XCO Facebook page.

Short & Sweetish (not Swedish)


I hadn’t planned on riding today, but I started putzing around making adjustments to my cleats and riding position, attempting to relieve my ongoing lower back issues and decided I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to find out if I am heading in the right direction. So I did a short and sweet-ish 10 mile singletrack loop.

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I got out on the bike for the fourth day in a row today. Starting to see some progress in the back pain area. Raising the seat post was a good move, plus I noticed a slight difference in cleat for/aft placement between my left and right shoes. The left was about an 1/8″ back. This might be playing into my imbalance issues. We’ll see, I fixed that this evening, so I will have to do more “testing” this week. I suppose there are worst places to be “testing” out new positions. The woods are coming alive and the ferns are starting to blossom. Soon the entire forest floor will be covered with them. I love that.


A Variety


This weekend has contained a variety of riding. Some of it was good, some of it was bad and some of it was outstanding. The bad were my two mountain bike rides, I could go in to how frustrated I am and how shitty I feel on the bike right now, but I won’t. Partly because I don’t have time and partly because I may have narrowed it down to the saddle height on the Superfly being a bit lower than it should be. That still doesn’t take away from the fact that my back is a mess and my hip flexor continues to make a lovely popping sound when my leg is rotated. But I am still hopeful that I can get my knots worked out soon and my position on the Superfly re-dialed in.

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The Ditching of Subparness


It took two days, but I was finally able to get out on the bike for a road ride. It has also taken what seems like a lifetime to get out on the road and not have multiple layers of clothing on. Not to jinx it, but looking at the long-range forecast, it seems like spring and/or summer may have finally sprung for good here in Michiganderburgh.

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Ride-wise, the weekend was filled with subparness. Saturday’s ride was OK, but sadly it ended early when I got chased by an icy cold rain storm at MMCC . My plan for Sunday was to spend a couple hours at Hanson Hills riding singletrack in the yet to turn green woods of north central Michigan, which I did, it just that it didn’t feel all that great.

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