A New Way To Be Lazy

In my life I have had plenty of weekends where I have traveled, raced, rode and stacked up miles on the bike… this was not one of those weekends.


Most of THIS weekend was spent doing the following: cleaning up dog puke (it seems Jake The Dog is a bit ill), driving to soccer matches in Flushing and Saginaw, watching B-Man play soccer, watching soccer football on TV, watching baseball, cooking meals and drinking good beer. While that is not a “normal” weekend to me, it’s still a good weekend on some level. I think… I hope….


B-Man walking to the touch line pre-game on Sunday.*

Since I was pressed for time but still wanted to watch football (Man U. vs. Manchester City) I skipped a short, lame ride and hit the treadmill for 90 minutes. I watched the first half of the Manchester derby on NBC Live Extra. Then, once that became a blowout (yeah!) I switched over to Tottenham vs. Cardiff City. Tottenham has sort of been “my team” the past few years (although their new style of playing is losing its luster), but the winning goal in extra time was pretty sweet! I will add, I am really geeked on the newly promoted Cardiff City and their hard fighting play. I could go on and on about that, but I doubt that anyone reading this blog cares (all 3 of you).

Anyway, did you know that if  you watch 90 minutes of footy while walking on the treadmill and up the grade percentage once every 5 minutes (taking half time off to do laundry) you can walk your way to just under six miles and burn 800+ calories? I think I found a new way to be lazy!

*I have to say, it’s pics likes this that I can’t believe how big B-Man is getting. Love watching the little man he is becoming.

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