After a few days off, I have returned to the Soiled blogosphere like a clogged toilet, poised to overflow its well-ripened contents onto the floor of life. But not yet.

I have been working on a post for nearly a week, but I just can’t find a proper ending for it. So instead of that post, I am throwing up and alternate post with some photos from Thanksgiving Day.

The survivors.

It was just Wifey, B, and me for dinner, but that didn’t stop me from making a brined roast turkey, gravy, and buttered noodles, along with vegan made options of mashed potatoes, stuffing (technically dressing), corn, rolls, and of course; canned cranberry sauce for Wifey. It was quite the three-person feast, if I say so myself, and I had a blast cooking, watching shitty Europa League footy, enjoying some Calabaza Blanca’s, and not stressing one fucking bit.

Yummy cooking buddy.

I took a few photos along the way which you see here. They are pretty crap but captured the day and documenting memories is the very core of photography, in my opinion. Of course, my opinions are worth less than a bag of dog feecus.


Since the holiday, photo hikes have been replaced by daily Zwifts, but I hope to escape the Not So Stankment and squeeze one in later today. Or do both! Why not? The world is my shitty oyster, right! Easy there, killer, let’s see what happens.

I fried up some crispy tofu for Wifey.


Vegan dressing slow cooking.


A less than happy B with a camera in his face as he eats.


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