Better Alternatives


When I woke up this morning, my legs–and other body parts– were so sore from yesterday’s inaugural off-season weight session at Ballstein’s, I could barely squat on the throne for my multiple morning e-vacs. Still, there were things that needed done. Like ride.

Thankfully a return to trip to Ballstein’s was not on tap this morning, that will come tomorrow, but a quick ride in the dirt was. I should say a quick ride in the leaves, as I think that just about every leaf in the woods surrounding the MMCC campus is now down. On top of that, a couple of days worth of light showers lay atop them and made for some cold, soggy and slick trails in parts. It was all good though. As much as I am looking forward to pushing myself physically in other ways at the gym, on the bike and in the dirt is where I am most comfortable.

Once home, showered and fed, it was off to the LBS to drop off the El Mariachi. My new, correct Reba fork lowers are in and I needed to get the bike in for “the new lowering.”

Hmmmm…. now that I think of it, I should probably change that flat on the Jake. Man, I am taking lazy and apathetic to new levels almost daily. Fuck it.



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