Boone Clearance, Clarence


Today’s post is yet another post that falls into the lengthy Soiled Chamois sub-category of The Weather is Crap & I Didn’t Ride, But I Wanted to Post Something. Usually these posts end up being about food, crap photos, beer, or people that race bikes way better than me (in that they still race them). However today I figured I would post something that someone out there could actually use. Something that I was going to post over the weekend but got all caught up in the joy of my beer the moment and forgot. It’s to do with the Boone 5’s tire clearance when using a WTB Nano 40 tire (my tire of choice).

The ability to run a 40c tire–in particular the WTB Nano– was the deal maker/breaker for me with Boone. So before I plunked down my hard, un-earned plastic to get the bike I wanted to be sure. I Googled and Bing-ed all day long but I couldn’t find any info other than some stuff that the folks at North Central Cyclery had posted on their site last year featuring some other tires.

So, with this post I do hereby give the Googlebots full permission to release to the cycling Googlers of the world the following information: yes, a Nano 40c tire fits in a Boone 5 Disc. There is not a TON of room mind you, and if your dirt and gravel roads tend become thick, sticky mud, you could have some issues, but here in my part of Michigan, the roads are either soupy mud or sinking sand and should pose no issue.


Boone on 35mm film.

In the three rides that I have on the bike since picking it up last week, there has also been no wheel flex or tire rubbing of the chainstays either. Hopefully that continues. As far as the front, there is a TON of room and it’s a non issue.

OK, there’s my cycling good-ish deed for the week.


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