Changes and Lack Thereof

“The more things stay the same, the more nothing changes.” – Me (I think)

Not much has changed in life since my last post here. The whole bank card fraud thing is still hanging out there as the bank conducts its investigation, and in the meantime, we’ve been given the money back as “provisional credit.” I will sleep much better when it’s officially our money again. But I’ll save that for my other blog, Consumer Banking Today.

I continue to get out for some hikes and rides almost daily, or in the case of today’s rain-soaked washout of a day, I hit the Dreadmill for 3 miles of power lumbering.

Weight loss has slowed a bit, but fitness-wise I am feeling better than I have in well over a year. I guess that’s something in a world full of nothing.

“Things stay the same until something changes.” – Me (I think)

With the help of about everybody that works at the shop, including me, I finally took delivery and got my semi-custom Trek Stache built up and rolling.

The Stache has been discontinued by Trek, at least for now, but a handful of remaining frames became available a few months ago, and Terry’s Cycle ordered up a few to build up. My frame was, of course, one of them.

The Rambler II in full photo-ramble mode.

The plan for the Stache, or as I like to call it, The Rambler II (Rambler I was my sold long ago Trek Farley), is to utilize it as a “jack of a trades/master of none” sort of bike. Dirt road, gravel, sandy 2-track, and single-track junk miles can all be handled by The Rambler and its fat 29″+ tires.

I have about 50 dirt road miles on the bike so far, and while I am still dialing some things in, it has already proven to be a fun bike that rolls surprisingly quick for its size. I expected it to feel slower like the Farley, but, at least according to my Garmin files, it equals or betters my times on the Roscoe (with 29er wheels).

The biggest challenge rolling the 29+ tires will be finding the right tire pressure based on the terrain I’m riding, but it will be a fun time experimenting, that’s for sure.

As I continue to get back to riding and hiking this fall, I am hopeful that I will start to feel motivated to post here again. I enjoy the writing and goofing off I do here, but with so much adulting going on in my life right now, I just haven’t felt like it. Maybe that’ll start to change soon.

The photos seen here today are from a Labor Day hike and some recent rides on the Rambler. Hoping to get out more in the coming days but I also have to work some hours in the shop to finish paying off the new steed.



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