He Did It, Not Me


There are days when I do “stuff” and days when I don’t. Then there are days that I don’t do anything but my freaking nine-year old son says “Dad, I’m bored and haven’t had soccer in a week, can I get on the treadmill to get some running in?”  Then there are days that I don’t do anything, but my nine-year old gets on the treadmill and proceeds to run two miles at speeds of 4 to 6 mph, while I fold clothes, and notice that he didn’t break a sweat ’till he started mile two, and at times was having a full conversation with me while he ran.

There are worse problems a slack-jawed, unemployed stay-at-home husband/dad could have I suppose… Whether he know’s it or not, B-Man has thrown down the running gauntlet and I vow to kick my running up a notch. I guess that means I am at “notch one?”

The day’s not over, maybe I should go do SOMETHING, after all the new Motörhead is available on Spotify, I guess I could go do something and listen to Lemmy scream in my ear for a bit whilst I try not to vurp up tonight’s White Trash Mexican Rice & Beans.

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