Mega Ketchup

I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing for a while now; since April 2005 to be precise. I’ve seen many a blogger come, and many a blogger go since then. Most of that was due to the instant-gratification-self-love that was brought forth via Facebook and Twitter. I’ve dabbled in those platforms for sure, but the only real social media platform that I feel compelled to be a part of—beyond blogging this pixelated shit storm—is Instagram.

Why write this shit? I have no idea. I’m not a pro cyclist—in fact— I’m not a pro anything (I don’t get paid for being a moron). All I know is that I got in the habit of riding my bike, taking photos while doing so, and writing about it, and can’t seem to stop. Some may like that (thank you), some may not (fuck off, you’re not paying for this shit!). I do what I do unless I don’t.

Last week was busy as hell with Wifey out of town for work, B having two games and practices, doctor’s appointments, and me working three days at the shop. Until Friday there was little time for riding.


Friday I got out for a sweet dirt road ride around Gratiot county, Saturday was a short hike in the rain-soaked woods of the Halls Nature Preserve and Sunday was a ride on dirt roads around Clare. None of this shit is blog-worthy, yet here we are.


As always, if you found your way here and like what you see; thank you. If you found your way here and think this is a shit show that wasted your time; you are correct, and I will direct you to (you know you were going there anyway) or to the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation page.


I guess I could have just cut to the chase and said that I’ve been super busy, haven’t had the chance to ride that much, and that this post is me playing another game of catch-up by posting some pics from the past few days. Consider yourself lucky, in a month, or so it will be posting about me cooking crap food and bitching about the weather.


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