Plans Change

July ended with increasing miles on the bike and decreasing numbers on the scale. Still, my plan for Sunday was to take the day off from workouts or rides and just goof off.

That was the plan, then about an hour after I wrote a blog post and started said plan for goofing off, I headed to the Not So Stankment to get on the Dreadmill. In other words, the plan failed.

Don’t get me wrong, I still goofed off all day Sunday but not until after I lumbered 3 miles and weeded the Cul De Sac Shack driveway.

I knew my Monday would be free, so the plan (I swear I adhered to this plan!) was to ride my bike.

I headed southwest of town and started from one of the designated Dirt Road Launching Pads that I use to access miles and miles of dirt and gravel without having to risk my life on high-traffic paved roads. The buck or two I spend in gas money is worth it.

I rode a 25-mile loop that, baring a 1-mile stretch of pavement, was all dirt and gravel with a bit of sand still wet and mushy from some weekend thunderstorms that went through the area.

It’s always nice to ride south of town; more hills (I doubled my elevation gain from Saturday’s 28-mile ride), more farms, and more Amish folks waving as I ride by.

I’ve had better legs in recent weeks, but no rides as challenging as Monday’s dirt road ramble. It’s all good, though, because it made chillin’ on the back porch with a beverage listening to music later in that evening all the better.

Tuesday will be all about adulting and tending to the vast (not really) estate of the ‘Shack. Hopefully, that will be enough to prevent me from feeling like a slacker. Fingers crossed.


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