After B-Man’s soccer match on Saturday I headed up to the MMCC trails to get a lap in. Before I headed out I noticed that it’s about time for a new pair of gloves, as my current beat to hell and back pair have finally ripped. With all those salt stains, it looks like they could use a wash too. The ride was brilliant though and I continue to enjoy the awesome spring-like fall weather we are having and the incredible trail conditions.

I think the rip in the gloves was just a little foreshadowing to the “rip” (or at least scratch) I was going to get in my left eye while I was putting in my contacts on Sunday morning. Not sure how I did that after 25 years of wearing contacts, but I did, and it hurts like a mother epher. Watering, sensitive to light, hurts to sleep, blink, etc. FRIG! Worst of all I have to wear my glasses which for some reason turns me into stumbling old man. Seriously, for some reason when I wear my  glasses I hear even less, trip over my own two feet and have an even harder time paying attention… What? Oh yeah my glasses… Plus inevitably Wifey, or someone else, will tell me that I “look smart.” Which is like saying I KNOW you’re dumb but at least now you LOOK smart. Not to mention I find it impossible to ride with prescription eye glasses on. I use too much peripheral vision and I am blind as a bat, so even looking out the corner of my eye results in cloudy mess and throws off my equilibrium. Of course there IS the secondary problem of having an eye that is swollen and red and has everyone thinking I have pink eye like some baby who likes to play with their poo. I mean nothing agains playing with poo, but I don’t want people thinking I do it and then touch my face and eyes. I have standards.

Oh well, worse things have happened to better people than me. At least B-Man had a great weekend of soccer! His team won Saturday and lost Sunday, however the team on Sunday is the best in the league and B played great. Of course he did get hit in the face with a clearance pass that I believe has left the word Adidas on his cheek! Ha!


Off to the eye doctor, hoping that I can get this cleared up and not miss too much time on the bike.

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