The Last of The Fat & Progress


Thursday’s ride was followed by two days in the Stankment™ on the treadmill. One of those days consisted of some brief–don’t pull a hammy you fat bastard– sprints, followed by incline intervals at a walking pace that surprisingly got my average heart rate higher than the trainer, and about on par with–what admittedly are–my crap fat bike rides on snirt roads. Thankfully those two days underground were followed by a ride outside Sunday, a ride in which I pray to the Cycling Gods was my LAST ride on snow until late 2016.

Don’t get my wrong, I dig riding my fat bike, and God knows it’s given me more opportunities to ride through the winter than I ever thought possible, or would have done before, but enough is enough. No matter how hard the Fatterson tries, it just can’t match the efficiency and fun of riding the Boone or the Procaliber. Your opinion may differ. As people say– “I’m just sayin’.”

The pavement leading to the snirt was wet and slush and I couldn’t wait to get the slow lurching, whirling, studded tires onto the snow and ice just ahead of me. Of course once I hit the snow and ice I was also slow and lurching, just with less noise.


I can’t say I had the best legs in the world, or that I was even in my normal mood to snap pics of the ride’s surroundings. But I’ve never let crap legs and sub par motivation ever stop me. Oh wait, yes I have… nearly all winter.

I’ve been mentally done with winter for a while now, and as I lumbered along through the snow yesterday into a cool breeze I often found myself cussing aloud and cursing the very existence of snow, ice, slush, fat bikes, Michigan, and myself. But since there is nothing I can do about any nearly any of that, I just kept rolling along in the hope that this would be the Fatterson’s last roll for a while.




Fit to Fat & Back Week 1

The first week of Fit to Fat & Back has gone surprisingly well. I got in over nine hours of “doing stuff,” both inside and out, and have lost a bit over five pounds. I have no doubt that some of that was just from laying low with the adult beverages, and water weight, but I have to say that seeing early progress has done wonders for my weak, fragile, 12-year-old girl like self-esteem and 44-year-old man depressed mind.

In all honesty, it’s been great to get back on the nutritional bandwagon that got me thin in the first place; working out, riding my bike, not eating too much, and eating quality foods when I do.


Roasted lemon pepper asparagus.

I had some minor Cat 5 Cooking successes this week too that included a some damn tasty roasted lemon pepper asparagus, some super easy to make vegetable soup, and a salsa dip made with plain, no-fat Greek yogurt that saw me forgoing the use of my favorite condiment in the world to have along with white-trash Mexican food: mayonnaise. Yes, I said mayonnaise. You don’t get to be a 300 pound teenager and a something-something-something pound adult by having “normal” tastes and eating habits!

Spicy Yogurt Dip/Burrito Dipping Sauce

Nutritional deetz: 1 cup has 150 calories, 0g fat, 13g carbs and 23g protein vs. One tablespoon of mayonnaise which has 90 calories, 10g fat, 0g carbs, and 0g protein.

Creamy Salsa Dip

Hoping that with spring-like temperatures in the forecast for the coming week or so I’ll be able to get some quality rides in so as to keep the numbers on the scale heading down. If not, I’ll be one healthy eating, fit fat man.


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