The Stove Top Burger

The Stove Top Burger


Anyone who has been around the blog for the past eleven years knows the following:

  1. I like to ride bikes.
  2. I like to eat.
  3. I like to cook.
  4. Because of 2 and 3 I basically ride my bike to avoid size 40 jeans.

Many of you may also remember my summer 2014 Cat 5 Cooking project entitled The Soiled Burger Project. I totally dig hamburgers, they rank right up there at the top with burritos, pasta, pizza, beer, and hoagies on my list of faves. Jesus H., no wonder I can’t lose weight! Anyway, I dig a good burger, and recently a slow slog of a ride in the rain and mud that had me craving a burger badly by the time I got home. Lucky for me there was some ground beef in the fridge!

However with a steady rain coming down, grilling was out of the question. So, I grabbed a pan and a lid, and made a burger on the stove top. It was quick, it was juicy, it was spicy, and it hit the spot! The spot I affectionately call Roll Number Two.

For the post ride burger seen above I used a handful of 90% lean ground beef (Yes, I know burger lords world-wide agree that lean ground beef doesn’t make for a good burger, but hey, I try to cut a few calories here and there whenever I can, even if it is like pissing in the ocean), and mixed it together with a generous pinch of salt and black pepper, and roughly a half tablespoon each of Stubb’s BBQ Sauce and Sriracha sauce.

I set the heat to medium to get the pan warmed up, and set about forming a palm sized patty. I then I gently laid the patty in the pan as if I was putting a newborn baby to bed, and let it sizzle for about two and half minutes, keeping a close eye on it the whole time.

After two and a half minutes I flipped the burger, and placed a lid on the pan. This helped to keep the heat in, as well as create moisture that effectively helped to steam the burger. Be warned though, grease and water can spatter, and you risk flaming up. So watch it, AND yourself, carefully! It can also get your stove top looking like greasy hell, so unless you want to piss your wife off, I recommend cleaning that up as soon as the burger is done and the burners cool (not that I speak from experience).

After about another two minutes, the burger was done (medium/well), and set to briefly rest on some paper towel before finally being placed upon a wonderfully soft sesame seed bun, and topped with cheese (fat-free, yuck!), and my fave burger condiments–ketchup and (light) mayonnaise.

Sure, a grilled burger on the deck, would have been great, but this stove top version still made for a tasty lunch as I sat and watched the rain come down. Looking forward to more rides in the rain, and more burgers.

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