The Tuesday/Monday Place Flop


The above photo pretty much sums up my Tuesday.

I have been trying to talk less and less about “me”, ’cause  let’s face it, I am not that interesting and sort of an imbecilic train wreck. BUT I am going to do so today for some reason. Sorry.

I had a job interview today, it didn’t go very well. Most of it was my fault, sort of… I applied for two jobs last week, neither one said WHO they were, just the info. I sent off my resumes and got a call about one. The employer matched the description of the freelance page designer I applied for. It turns out that even though the employer is a publication, it wasn’t the gig I thought it was and the design work had little, if any, advertising and/or editorial design associate with it. Shit!  I was totally unprepared.

There were of course some aspects of the job that I wouldn’t have a problem with but too many others parts that I had no desire to do or be part of. They still seemed interested, which I found scary, so I did my best to try to present myself as an even larger goofball than I am. It wasn’t hard to sell. They were nice, and the job will no doubt make someone happy, but they are trying to launch a new business based on the talents of the individual(s) that they are hiring. I don’t mind dragging myself down into the muck and mire of business failure but I am not ready to go 2 for 2.

Once home from that 1.5 hours of awkwardness, I set about doing a walk/run/jog type thing on the treadmill. Except the roller needed tightened and all the allen wrenches I had were the wrong size. I then turned my attention to my road bike and getting it ready for winter trainer season in the basement. Yeah, I know it’s early but once the temps dip and weather gets shitty I’ll either be on my cross bike or mountain bike when outside. By the way, all “getting it ready” means is that I put my Continental Ultra Sport Hometrainer Tire on the Campeon. The tire works great for the trainer, but DAMN is it hard to get on. I can get most tires off/on with just my hands but this fucker is TIGHT and with just an inch or two to go my tire lever blew up. Then I took a shot and tried with the other end and broke that part too. Good fucking grief.

And THAT was my Tuesday that felt way more like a Monday. Thankfully none of that stuff is a big deal as I quickly forgot about my embarrassing job interview and a quick trip to the store for tire levers and proper sized allen wrenches solved the other issues. Bring on Wednesday and doing SOMETHING.


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