I’m unsure when the last time I rode my bike was. According to this here blog it seems that it was a week ago today, but it feels like it could have been a month ago.

The time since that last ride has been filled with a multitude of things that included such things as decorating the house for the holidays (you’re welcome Wifey), stomping around in the cold shooting photos of people riding their bikes in circles, and watching four inches of wet snow fall, then melt, freeze, then melt some more, and then freeze some more over the next 72+ hours.


Photo taken at Saturday’s Frost Cross race.

Photographing the local cross race here in town was the creative highlight of my past week, and much of the past couple of days have been spent processing photos, making posts on my other site (junkmilesmedia.com), and posting photos to Facebook galleries on said site’s super unpopular Facebook page. All for no reason at all other than scratching an ongoing creative itch void of financial reward.

To keep my muffin top from blossoming further, I have continued my commitment to running/lumbering on the treadmill along with some strength training. This is not my ideal way to shed my flesh muffin, but right now it beats riding out in the hodgepodge of suck that Michigan is offering. On the bright side, I’ve got back to listening to, and discovering, more music than I have in a while. Right now it’s mostly noisy, raucous British indie bands that are fueling my runs/lumbers. It’s nice to hear some new stuff and drowned out the sound of my belly flopping against my thighs as I run. Which reminds me, I need to go get that run in.


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