Cherries, Grapes, Whatever


Atkins bacon eaters, goofball gluten-free celebrities with eating disorders, Paleo meat beating CrossFit muscle heads; these days someone is always trying to bring down pasta. Me, I say fuck it, it’s pasta, people have been eating it for millions of years (no they haven’t), and they’ll be eating it for millions more (doubtful). Half truths, false statements, and humorless declarations aside, I love pasta. While pasta and starchy carbs can surely lead to weight gain, you can still eat them in moderation (if you’re into that) and still maintain, or even lose weight (although it’s been years since I’ve actually done that, so your milage may vary).

With all that unnecessarily said, I have been on sort of a pasta and rice kick lately and have been experimenting with different small portioned pasta and stir fry recipes for post-ride lunches over the past month. Yesterday I stumbled upon the website and found a super fast and easy (thus the name) pasta recipe that hit that pasta loving spot in my growing belly; Fast and Easy Pasta With Blistered Cherry Tomato Sauce.


This dish seriously only takes about as long to make as it the pasta takes to cook, and it’s perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. Of course I only had “grape” tomatoes, not the “cherry” tomatoes as the recipe called for. I am pretty darn sure that it made no difference, they look the same. I just have to change the name to Blistered Grape Tomato Sauce. I also probably added more crushed red pepper than anyone ever should. I like things a tad spicy.

Hope to make this dish again soon for dinner and maybe add in some salad. OK I’m joking, I of course meant garlic bread!!!


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