A Hoppy Glass of Air

New Belgium Brewing’s Accumulation White IPA tastes like a glass of air with a hint of hops.

whiteipaWhy even bother? I refuse to believe that it’s 6.2% ABV.

Don’t believe me? This review sums it up (and is pretty friggin’ classic).

The tar papered shack with the boarded up windows really ties it all together. LONG LIVE THE INTERWEB MACHINE AND THOSE WITH THE BALLS TO PUT THEMSELVES OUT THERE ON IT!

It’s good… I guess.  – Ronald Theriot, Louisiana Beer Reviews

Oh well, despite me poking fun at the L.B.R., Mr. Theriot was pretty spot on. Accumulation is sort of good. Not great, just sort of “there.”  Then again, I prefer my winter beers in the form of high-powered stouts and porters.

UPDATE: I will say this beer is good and would make a great summer beer for drinking on the porch with friends or at a cookout. It is just NOT what I want out of a “winter” beer. The brew is just very ill-named in my opinion and released at the wrong time of year. Unless you live in the deep south, California, Arizona or somewhere that it’s hot as dog balls all year-round.

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