Baked Up Tortilla Chips

No Wall, Low Fat, Get Baked Up Tortilla Chips

Most readers know that I am a huge fan of Mexican food; everything from real Mexican food, to genuine imitation bastardized white trash Mexican food with too much cheese (Just no Taco Bell, their meat sort of looks–and tastes– like dog shit). And in my opinion nothing goes with bastardized Mexican food like tortilla chips. Sadly, most chips are filled with a bunch of fat and a ton of sodium. The solution to that of course is baked tortilla chips. However not only are baked chips hard to find in small town big box stores, when you do find them they are super expensive. Like nearly $5.00 for small bag. I’m no wiz at mass producing and packaging foods, but in my experience, making low-fat, baked tortilla chips in freaking easy and cheap. Why the hell do they cost so much? Trump’s Mexi-America I suppose. #resist


  • Olive oil/cooking oil mix spray
  • Large package of small corn tortillas (I usually use about four tortillas per baking)
  • Kosher salt
  • Ground cumin or Mexican spices of your choice


  1. Preheat oven to 400˚
  2. Slice or cut corn tortillas into triangles
  3. Spray baking sheet with olive oil
  4. Lay cut tortillas on baking sheet, allowing at least a half-inch between each chip
  5. Lightly spray tops of tortillas with olive oil
  6. Sprinkle chips with cumin and kosher salt
  7. Bake for 8 minutes (I go slightly longer for crispier chips, but be careful not to burn them and ruin your profit margin)
  8. Remove chips, place on cooling rack
  9. Serve with salsa, guac, or a White Trash Mexi-Bowl
  10. Pop open a fine IPA to have with such as Founder’s Azacca

I have yet to do the math on the cost, or the exact nutritional content, but I know that a GIANT  big ass 30 pack of corn tortillas costs about $1.79, and you get 120 chips from that. I’ve also yet to spend an entire afternoon baking a 30 pack.

Note: You could probably find some all natural, organic, wispy people approved tortillas but I have no doubt that would gouge the profit margin with not all that much difference overall.

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