Sweaty Eyelids

It’s funny what a difference having some good carbs in the system and cooler temps can do for the legs. Some storms moved through various parts of the  central Michigan area yesterday (somehow missing Mt. Pleasant) and left behind 20˚cooler temperatures.


Despite the cooler temps, there was some thick, lingering humidity in the air… the sort of that leaves you soaked with sweat even though it is NOT all that hot out. The sort which causes sweat to collect on your eyelids in puddles and can have your chamois feeling like a sweat soaked sponge that oozes perspiration with every shift of the crotchial region.


I feared the worst for today’s ride, since pre-ride prep involved me breaking a valve stem upon removing the pump. I considered it penance yesterday’s aborted ride and hoped the Bike Gods were appeased. It seems they were. Today’s 42 mile road ride was light years better than yesterday’s craptastic mountain bike ride. but to be honest, the ride was nothing to write home about (or blog about) yet it appears that I have done just that… c’est la vie.

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