A Fungi (NOT Fun Guy) Ride


“I collect spores, molds and fungus.” – Egon Spengler, Ghostbusters


I don’t actually collect spores, molds, fungus or mushrooms, but I did take these two pics just before the end of my ride today at MMCC today just ’cause the colors looked cool… at least I think so. To me mountain biking is, and always will be, about the little things that catch my eye in the woods as much as the standard cool things like wildlife, ribbons of singletrack and stress crushing endorphins.

Speaking ¬†of singletrack, I had the chance to ride the new White Trail today (called that because it’s marked with white diamonds). The crappy pic below doesn’t do it justice but it is a good reference for how far the trail has come in a short time. Earlier this month I rode it and it was nothing more than some blue ribbons, and rough, grassy trail. While still fresh and lumpy it is now all dirt, bermed and good to go. Still not 100% sure what the mileage is, but I’m thinking close a mile? More trail is always good.



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