Vintage Dirt Racin’

I recently came upon some photos of what is described as vintage BMX racing in Holland circa the 1950s. I have never raced BMX, however I do race mountain bikes (although be it with less and less frequency and less and less success) and have also done a few utterly forgettable and regrettable cross races, so it’s hard not to have the utmost appreciation for these kids ripping it up in the dirt. Not to mention they are doing it with impeccable style. To hell with skinsuits, lycra and helmets, I’m going helmetless with a big dose of flannel, leather shoes and knee socks from now on!


Bigger crowds than most U.S. mountain bike races and less drunk (I hope) than most cross spectators.vintagembxholland_bBrrrrrap!


I just love these photos, especially the middle one. I don’t know whether these photos make me want to get out racing my bike in the dirt or go clothes shopping? The scarf/jacket combination on the spectator in the bottom pic has my attention for sure. That last bit made me sound like a raving small town bike geek metrosexual didn’t it? Don’t judge.

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