Catchy Uppy


Over the past three days I have been blessed with great weather, getting to watch B-Man play soccer and squeezing in some miles on the dirt roads. I have a few good pics and some of my typical not-so-wise words about all that to share, but right now I am caught up in me, eating food, hanging with my family, and having my well-earned weekend beers.

I will say I managed to get in my 2nd 200 mile week of the year, B’s team won two matches in a row, and sadly on Friday (not unsurprisingly) I received a rejection email for a job that I had hoped to get (who sends that shit on a Friday??). But I didn’t get it: Most likely due to being old, my lack of having a bachelor’s degree and being a moron (without a bachelor’s degree).

Oh well, there is more time to ride I suppose. I’m actually OK with all that, as I am fortunate to be married to an incredible woman, who has a GIANT brain, knows how to use it, provides for our family and loves me (even though I am a moron). It’s not that I don’t do a lot for our family, but I feel that my father and siblings think that I am a dirt bag (they’re probably right). Sigh.

Screw it, that’s all for my yet to be hired therapist to help me figure out someday. Regardless of the Friday rejection, it was a great weekend and I am stoked that spring is finally upon Michiganderburgh.

More to come (most likely).


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