Exclamation Point!

There has been no ride since my last ride. That’s a bummer, but I’ve tried to keep moving with six nine miles of Dreadmill lumbering over the past two three days. Me walking/jogging on a treadmill is not exactly blog-worthy1, but as I so often say here on these ill-written digital pages of digital suck, “yet here we are.”

I’m just fucking with you. I won’t bore you with sweaty tales from the Not-So-Stankment. Instead, I’ll bore you with other random nothingness from my life.

Monday, Wifey and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. Yay! As I mentioned in the last post, we celebrated by buying each other lawn furniture—Hooray for plastic Adirondack chairs!

Tuesday was just Tuesday, and other than my 3 miles on the Dreadmill, I had an appointment with Mindbender II (The Wrath of Kahn) to discuss the plan for discontinuing antidepressants. That all went just as I expected, with her being not quite as open to the idea as the O.G. Mindbender and my PCP, Doctor Bob. But it’s still happening, I can fucking do this! Fuck yeah!

As I type this, it’s early Wednesday morning, but this ain’t no ordinary Wednesday; it’s also recycling day! I jest, it’s my 50th birthday. HOLY FUCK!

If I let myself think about that too much, it can be overwhelming, but I am also—for the first time in ages—excited within reason about the coming years and the prospect of squeezing whatever I can in before the end. I am also eager to keep working hard so as to have myself in a better place physically by this time next year as I try to shed the Paxil weight.

I have a few things I want to do today, a few things I have to do today, and few places I need to be today. Somewhere in all that, I want to take some photos and enjoy my 18,263rd day on the planet.


It’s Later Now

GODDAMN! What a busy but sweet day.

Since I wrote the dross above, I hit the Dreadmill for another 3 miles of lumbering and then did a 2-mile mowing of the lawn in high heat and humidity2. Sweet Baby-Bee-Bus, I was SPENT!

Then I needed to run to the store for some necessities, including one of my favorite summertime beers: Vy-hun-STEF-uh-nur!3 Sadly, quaffing said Vy-hun-STEF-uh-nur! would have to wait, as I had an afternoon appointment with the O.G. Mindbender.

After an hour’s worth of quality mind-bending, it was home to chill my ass out. Finally!

Photo by B.

Around 4:30 (4:40 according to my watching in the photo above), we celebrated my birthday at home with an Early Bird Special of some tasty carrot cake cupcakes that Wifey made me4, sweet gifts, and laughs. Thanks to B and Wifey for the great day. Despite what Grandma Helen said, it’s not always “hell getting old,” and today was a great way to put an exclamation point at the end of the past four weeks that included Wifey turning 50, our 24th wedding anniversary, and my 50th birthday. Good times… good times…

I hope to continue my daily workouts on Thursday and keep the numbers on the scale heading in the right direction.


  1. What is?
  2. It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity! Oh, who am I kidding? I’m fat, and it’s both!
  3. Must shout like an angry German.
  4. As a youth, my father claimed that we Mahokey’s were “pie people.” I say, “Why can’t we have both? Now give me another mother fucking cupcake!!”

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