Fall, Hanging On


I had a chance to get some miles in on the trails today. The temps were the coldest they’ve been since early spring– hovering in the low to mid-thirties– the breeze was stiff and the clouds coming down from the north looked like they could piss down some snow showers at any time.


I was almost hoping that there would be a dusting of snow on the ground to add a little somethin’- somethin’ to the ride and to any pics. As it was, my ride was complete before any would be precip moved  in, so I had to suck it up and enjoy the sun and the final days of the colorful fall leaves.

The week has not been “all that” as far as riding goes, but I made the best of it when I did get out and I am trying to enjoy the fall riding for as long as it hangs on.

Hoping there are more miles in the coming days.

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