Friday Bike-ness


It was hard not to ride today given how nice it was outside today. It was harder still knowing that a bunch of my friends were riding the trails at MMCC today while I spent the day going to the doctors, baking bread, doing loads of laundry and hanging out with the B-Man who was off from school today. It’s not much of a life, but it’s the only one I got right now. Oh well, there was still much bike-ness crammed in there.

First I spent some time getting the Superfly ready for its 2014 maiden singletrack voyage tomorrow. While doing that I noticed a slight wobble in the front wheel that hadn’t seen since I put the bike away for the winter. Luckily my buddy has a truing stand and later I’m heading over with my wheel and a few beers for a de-wobbling session.

I also found some time to bake a couple more loaves of whole wheat bread this afternoon. While the loaves were rising I walked over to my LBS to pick up some goodies; utilizing some store credit that a friendly yinzer gave me for doing some design work (Thanks!).

I was in desperate need of new full fingered gloves, ones that don’t have holes in them and smell like corn chips no matter how many times you wash them. I’ve also grown tired of swapping my bar ends between the El Mariachi and the Superfly FS, so I finally sprung for some new bar ends. Yes, yes, I still use small bar ends. I tried riser bars and don’t see why anyone would use them. Bar ends give me more hand positions and more leverage on climbs. But hey, use whatever is comfortable for you, not what some fucking goof with a blog or glossy, ad packed bike magazine tells you is cool or you “must have.”

As luck would have it, the unpopularity of bar ends worked in my favor and I found the exact pair I was looking for (Dimension Stubs) for nearly 50% off. I added in a tube to keep in the pack that wasn’t riddled patches and nicks and got home in plenty of time to get the loaves in the oven.

On my way out of the shop is when I saw the concocted mess of a bicycle/motorcycle thing-a-ma-jig seen in the photo above. Never has a person put so much effort into NOT pedaling a bike. I would make more fun of the dude, but I saw him in the shop. I am pretty sure he would stick a shiv in my throat the first chance he got if he heard me say anything about his ride. If I was one to use hashtags out of their Twitter element, I would surely follow this text with #prisontattoo #multiplepiercings #crazyeyes #yikes.

The last bit of bikeness lay before me: throw the bar ends on, get the wheel trued up, crack a couple Torpedos and finally watch the Red Bull TV coverage of the Pietermaritzburg UCI XCO races

Fuck yeah it’s Friday and I’m riding dirt tomorrow!


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