I headed south of town on Thursday to ride dirt and gravel on the Boone. Mileage wise, the ride clocked in at just over 26 miles, but my time with my camera was quite fruitful, at least to me.

One of my favorite things about riding the dirt and gravel roads of rural mid-Michigan is the little things that I see and photographing them. I’ve never been one to try to capture a sunrise or sunset, or some majestic landscape, I’ll leave that to the “real” photographers, but I’ll shoot the shit out of cows, battered old sheds, barns, and signs saying nothing and pointing to nowhere.

Oddly enough, on Wednesday I rode the PrOcal and thought I should have used the Boone and on Thursday I rode the Boone and found myself longing for the PrOcal, especially when things got sandy and sketchy. Oh well, riding the Boone and keeping it upright through fresh gravel and or deep sandy roads helps keep my handling skills pegged right at mediocre and ready to spend the next two months reading about people racing cross.

Below is a collection of photos from my Thursday ride.

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